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What is happening here is the end game It is the culmination of 70 years of espionage by the Chinese Communists against every facet of American life. For that entire time our country has been warned this was happening by patriots who studied the issue. Most were rejected as crackpots and the U.S. kept its head in the sand all the while driven by greed and access to cheap Chinese labor. So Americans continued to keep their heads in the sand to what was really going on. Now our population and government have become so infected with the Marxist "woke" brainwashing from ChiCom controled acedemia and media that we have pulled our heads from the sand and inserted it up our collective rectum. Folks we are in the final battle of a long communist insurgency against the American way of life. And the Chinese are winning. Wake up America.

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"China is one of the most morally bankrupt nations in the world, with an official religion of atheism."

China is morally bankrupt, but atheism has nothing to do with it. The most murderous regimes in history were (and still today are) also proudly "religious": remember those jolly fellows who wore "Gott Mit Uns" belt buckles as they smashed their way across Europe?

"... which is entirely in alignment with the baby killing degenerates of our own left wing political establishment here."

Misusing words is for those who have no solid arguments. A baby is a living, breathing human being. Before birth, it is a fetus, which quite properly has no legal standing. Apparently you are claiming that any woman who runs her own life and makes her own decisions about whether to carry a pregnancy to term is a "baby killing degenerate"? Whereas people who delight in sticking their noses into other people's wombs are wonderful, upstanding citizens? I call that kind of thinking twisted and sick. It's also not going to fly in America, no matter how many screaming fanatics demand it.

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